“Telling our son that his father is in prison is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do.” Women always have to clean up the mess, Lily Baker said in an interview with the foreign press.

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At first, the ex-wife of the legendary German tennis player did not tell her 12-year-old son that his father had a serious problem. She told Amadeus Becker that Boris Becker was only in prison after the verdict. The woman took the boy to the playroom where he felt safe and told him what had happened. The teenager at first could not believe what had happened, but after his mother left him alone in the room, he checked everything on the Internet …

Lily Baker told her son that his father was not a criminal, and he did not kill anyone, but stated that he did not pay important bills. Fortunately, the boy took the news well.

At the end of April this year. Boris Becker was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for tax evasion and sent to Wandsworth Prison in the United Kingdom. A few days ago, the German was transferred to another prison, the Hanercombe facility in Henley-on-Thames. If he behaves well, he will be able to release him again after 15 months.


After training, instead of having a beer, he went to university. And he’s not shy about admitting that he was a recluse as a player. As a coach, Jacek Magiera is also going his own way. – You can either f**k or order. I demand – frankly admits. He accurately diagnoses diseases affecting Polish football and shows how to treat them. Would you like to be the coach of the Polish national team? What did he hear when he was losing his job in Silesia in Wroclaw? And what did he do when a hairdresser called him in 1996?

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