May 28, 2022, 08:54

The Witcher: Monster Slayer has received the 1.2.0 update, which introduces significant changes to the progression system and alchemy mechanics. The patch caused a lot of controversy among players.

The Witcher: The killer beastMobile production using augmented reality technology has received a major update.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer – What’s new in Patch 1.2.0

The patch is marked as 1.2.0 and it brings a lot of changes.

  1. A new progression system called Trail has been introduced. By advancing to the next levels, our hero becomes stronger and unlocks skills and recipes that were not available before. He also receives rewards, including chests with items and coins.
  2. As we gain new levels of Witcher rank, the strength of the enemies we face will increase.
  3. Patch 1.2.0 also significantly reworked the Alchemy system. Now potions and oils have a fixed duration so that their effects do not wear out after one fight. In addition, it can be eaten from the stock. On the other hand, Alchemy stations can now be repaired instead of disappearing after a certain number of uses.
  4. Statistics such as attack and health appeared in the character’s profile, allowing you to monitor the strength of the blows or the effectiveness of the cues thrown. in this way RPG elements in the game have been improved The authors promise that this is only the beginning, and more changes in this direction will be implemented in future updates.
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It should be noted that the developers are further developing the Monster Weeks system, in which players perform temporary tasks related to certain monsters, and there are also plans to introduce special events.

Controversy over patch 1.2.0

Updating the game was not smooth sailing.

  1. Players are complaining about changes in gameplay. For example, perfect avoidance no longer completely avoids damage, so in practice there is no point in trying to do that.
  2. Fans feel that the changes in alchemy make the game too much because you no longer have to manage your resources carefully, and nowadays every monster requires you to use these mechanics if you want to survive.
  3. The character development choices made so far have also lost their relevance.
  4. All this makes the game seem less interactive, and there are fewer opportunities for players to make decisions that affect the gameplay.
  5. What’s worse There are also accusations that the changes made were aimed at convincing players to have access to micropayments.
  6. The negative reaction of players can be seen from the reviews on Google Play. Before the update, the average game rating was over 4/5. Currently decreased to 3.4/5.

In response to this criticism on the authors’ official website post entry Explanation of the changes implemented. They were considered essential as players complained that battles became boring once progress levels were achieved. Now, instead of the previous 4 difficulty levels, we will receive more diverse challenges that will take into account the strength of our character and the size and rarity of mascara.

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On the other hand, the alchemy system was changed because players were storing potions and oils for future battles, so as not to waste them in a single skirmish. The lengthening of the process time aims to encourage users to use alchemy more often.

Conclusions from criticism

This does not mean, however, that the creators intend to stand by their way. After entering the aforementioned The authors published another one statementThey stated that they have taken players’ feedback regarding the update and will introduce changes that meet fan expectations.

Finally, it is worth noting that the servers were shut down shortly after the update was released. The technical break will continue until May 31.

Let us also remind you that the game was released on July 21, 2021 on iOS and Android mobile devices. The title uses a free form with small payments.

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