For many drivers, Google Maps has become one of the most important applications. However, it turns out that it is not necessarily the best way to navigate. In the last ranking, the maps here scored more points, due to several important factors.

Google Maps, Waze or other navigation?

I must admit that in terms of navigation, we really have a huge choice. This applies to both external apps and devices. Moreover, quite a few programs are offered for free. For now, all you have to do is download the app on your smartphone, choose your travel destination and set off. No wonder paper maps have almost disappeared from public use.

Modern navigation will not only lead us to our destination, but also provide a lot of important information, such as speed limits, regularly updated data about traffic jams or about other obstacles on the road. With all these solutions, travel has become more convenient.

But what is the best navigation? Analytical company Counterpoint decided to search for an answer to this question. In the published report Seller scorecard website More than 25 leading providers of mapping and localization platforms have been thoroughly analyzed. Seven major categories were considered: map data, location information, location services, data platform, developer and partner ecosystem, and increased customer role since the last update.

Google Maps is in second place, and Apple is out of the top ten

Here, the maps ranked first for the fifth year in a row. It is worth noting that they won all seven major categories with a total of 516 points.

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(fot. Counterpoint)

It is interesting that the app here we areAlthough it is usually high in the navigation download ratings of the App Store and Google Play, it lags far behind Google’s solution in this regard. this is Google Maps It is the most preferred application among many drivers.

It should be borne in mind here that this is not only a smartphone application, by the way, it is not very highly rated in the App Store or Google Play. The company offers a number of different solutions that are used among others by Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen.

Google Maps took second place, and the TomTom navigation system closed the platform. Maps developed by other Silicon Valley giants didn’t work well – Apple Maps and Bing Maps didn’t even make it to the top ten.

So is it worth ditching Google Maps and switching to Here WeGo? not nessacary. First of all, both Google Navigation and Navigation developed by Here offer a high quality and somewhat similar road database. Secondly, the add-ons in the app may be an important factor, and this is where Google Maps has the advantage.

Choosing the best navigation, assuming the majority provide updated and detailed maps, will have specific preferences and requirements. For some people, the most important interface will be convenience from their point of view, others will request information from the community (like Yanosik or Waze), and some people will only care about the navigation warning that the speed limit is exceeded. So let’s check out some of the apps available for yourself and choose the best one for you.

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