PixelOpus is one of the teams developing a new website heading to PS5. The studio is looking for more specialists, and the job announcement reveals interesting information. This time the title will be developed using Unreal Engine 5 capabilities.

Concrete Genie debuted in 2019 and was warmly welcomed by many players. The story of Ash is not one of the biggest hits from the PlayStation Studios catalog, but the developers captivated the audience with a very charming and colorful creation of the world – the game was distinguished by a charming atmosphere and an eye-catching environment that made a particularly good impression on appropriate TVs.

It turns out that PixelOpus studio is developing one of over 25 titles targeting PS5 and PS4. Thanks to the latest job posting, we can find out the small details of the project – Developers are developing production for the PlayStation 5, which will use the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5.

Furthermore it, Creating a new story, the US team is working with Sony Pictures Animation:

“We are looking for a leading graphics developer to contribute to our game development process as we pursue exciting innovation and rendering capabilities through our partnership with Sony Pictures Animation.”

Sony Pictures Animation was created among others The newest song on Netflix is ​​”Mitchells vs. Machines”The Oscar-winning “Spider-Man Universe” was previously televised to the big screen. The studio also has the “Hotel Transylvania”, “Season on a Bear” and “Smurfs” series in its portfolio.

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