Jake Paul is a famous media personality in the United States. A social media star who has nearly twenty million followers on Instagram and has no less subscribers on her YouTube channel. Paul has been involved in boxing fights with professional MMA fighters for some time. Recently, a celebrity brutally kicked out former UFC star Tyron Woodley. It was a battle of revenge. Paul also won first prize. The American internet star shocked the sports scene for the first time after he crushed veteran Ben Askrin in a boxing fight. Since then, the celebrity has attracted a huge audience to the stands and more viewers buying PPV. This makes the fight against it very profitable in financial terms and sells well in terms of marketing.

Paul – Tyson. The first news was heated up by the Internet

In the first reports about Tyson, there was information that there was a preliminary agreement between the parties. Show fight earnings will be close to fifty million dollars. From what journalists reported, the place of the fight was determined, which was supposed to be the famous Las Vegas.

Paul – Tyson. Iron Mike cooled fans’ hot heads

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Soon after this information, Mike Tyson himself spoke out and clearly denied that he wrote on Twitter that these messages are completely new to him. He confirmed that he met Jake, but there were no discussions in the context of the fight itself. This does not mean, however, that such a fight could not take place. It will be very beneficial for both sides. Mike recently participated in show fights. This clash will surely bring him the biggest financial gain.

Paul – Tyson. Everything at the discretion of the legend?

Jake did not refuse to duel with the great boxing legend. There is no doubt that this clash will warm a large part of America, and PPV sales could reach the outcome of the biggest boxing fights in American boxing history. The duel is sure to interest not only the United States, but also fans from all over the world. There is only one question: will Mike agree to confront the YouTube guy?