The Cockclay Fund It has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for its supposedly permissive approach to social distancing, but one of the show’s stars may now have found the ultimate fix.

In the opening tonight episode (October 2), favorite Giles is seen erecting a large chunk of wood between himself and his partner Mary.

Channel 4

“You got this, Mary,” Giles proudly stated.

“Why are you putting it in there?” I asked Mary, and Giles replied, “Because I went to London and I don’t want to get COVID from you. This is how we can chat.

“Obviously we will have to work on the installation, because at the moment I hold it in my hand.”

gogglebox, ellie, and izzi

Judd EddingtonChannel 4

Back in April, he received the Channel 4 program Ofcom Official Complaints Due to the apparent lack of social distancing among some of her stars who do not live in the same home.

After those initial complaints that concern the sisters in the first place Elle and Azi WarnerChannel 4 assured viewers that all stars of the show follow government guidelines.

However, that did not stop further Complaints are filed about the celebrity version Of the show.

In order to continue filming during the pandemic, The Cockclay Fund Photographers were installed in every home, to prevent stars from contacting the crew.

The Cockclay Fund Friday Nights is broadcast on Channel 4 at 9 pm.

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