According to the daily newspaper,The Wall Street JournalThey stated that “symptoms reported in recent months included nausea, severe headache, earache, fatigue, insomnia and lethargy. Some victims were completely helpless.” Diplomats. As The Wall Street Journal confirms, “These are the first cases reported in the country NATOin which they are located army American and nuclear weapons.

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People with Havana Syndrome worked in matters relating to Russia

US diplomats told the “Wall Street Journal” that similar incidents have been recorded among US officials stationed in other European countries. [pisaliśmy o przypadkach syndromu hawańskiego w Wiedniu – red.]But he refused to provide any details.

Among those who have complained of symptoms of Havana syndrome are intelligence officers or diplomats working on issues related to Russia such as gas exports, cybersecurity and political interference.

A State Department spokesman did not respond to questions from Wall Street Journal reporters about the events. He only emphasized that “all workers who report unexplained health conditions receive prompt and appropriate care.” He added that the most important thing now was to investigate the causes and find ways to protect workers. He also admitted that despite extensive investigations, it was not possible to determine whether certain parties were responsible for these strange symptoms.

United States of America. The CIA is investigating ‘unexplained health incidents’ near the White House

Havana Syndrome. What is this?

Then a mysterious syndrome of diseases was observed Once The first was in 2016 between American diplomats and their families stationed in Cuba, hence the name “Havana Syndrome.” affected diseases He complained of constant fatigue, migraines, nausea and nosebleeds after hearing loud noises at night.

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Similar cases were also observed in ChinaRussia and United States of America. In July this year. Twenty US diplomats in Vienna reported that Joe Biden has suffered from symptoms of Havana syndrome since taking office as President of the United States, according to the portal.German wave“.

In turn, the “Wall Street Journal” reported that “unconfirmed cases of the syndrome have also occurred in Poland, Taiwan, Georgia and even Washington.”

About the US Embassy in Vienna20 people with symptoms of “Havana syndrome” at the US Embassy in Vienna

An analysis by the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in December 2020 found that the symptoms of ‘Havana syndrome’ were most likely caused by attacks involving ‘pulse-wave frequency (RF) energy’, similar to microwave radiation. He was an experienced CIA officer, who had tracked down Osama bin Laden, who headed a group investigating the causes of these symptoms, and whose other members were privy to the case.