A teacher found snake skin in a cardboard box in a basement on Monday, January 25, in the early afternoon. According to experts, it belongs to the carpet snake, which can be from 1.3 to 1.5 meters in length. “It is not poisonous, but its sting can be very painful,” a Bochum fire department spokesman said on Tuesday. – We are looking for every block – he added.

The fire department has been searching the building since Monday. Firefighters are accompanied by two hose experts. Maybe creeper still inside.

“We are currently looking for a snake in Emilstraße,” wrote The Guardian on her Twitter account on Monday.

Traps were set up, and on Monday evening flour was sprinkled into the basement. Unfortunately, no trace of the animal was detected in the morning. “We assume he’s not in the basement,” the spokesman said.

On Tuesday, the search continued in the remaining kindergarten and bedroom rooms. So far, no result.

This unusual event causes great interest in the media and internet users. Firefighters keep you informed of your steps.

Since the snake skin was found, the nursery has been suspended. Starting Wednesday, emergency care will be available in another building in the Bochum-Höntrop area.

The snake swallowed the victim. Witnesses had to contact services

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