an Apple looking at On your site About the security update release for iOS I am iPadOS. Update 14.4 aims to fix three security vulnerabilities that “may be actively exploited” by cybercriminals.

There is little detail about the weaknesses and Hairsp; – & hairsp; Apple has also not confirmed whether the issue affects all iPhone and iPad users, or just a small group. A company spokesperson confirmed that an unknown person had reported the bug.

However, two errors are known to have been found in WebKit, the browser engine Safari. The last vulnerability is found in the core of the OS. It is not uncommon for attackers to target browser vulnerabilities first to gain access to the underlying operating system.

Apple is a company that prides itself on its security profile and rarely admits that its customers may be exposed to an active attack by hackers. The more we suspect this time the problem is serious and deserves to update your hardware ASAP. The company also confirmed that more details about the errors would be provided “soon”.

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