The vegetable seller from Pilsen, in northern Germany, was not expecting this. He found a chameleon in a box with cauliflower, reports Perhaps the stowaway comes from southern Europe.

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A shipment of vegetables was brought from France. After opening it and noticing the intruder, the seller asked for help from the police.

“When we looked at the cauliflower box, two eyes were looking at us from the vegetation, moving independently of each other,” a police spokesman said.

As he said, the chameleon “did not show any signs of tremendous tension with the flight” and was “in good health.”

Christopher F. Anderson, a chameleon expert at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, assessed in an interview with Deutsche Welle that the specimen that came to Germany is a young chameleon in the Mediterranean, appearing in, among other things, in southern Spain and southern Italy. Greece and Malta. In his opinion, the cauliflower could have come from outside France, from a place within the range of this species, while in this country it was simply packaged and shipped with a stowaway.

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