The world’s richest countries remain among the largest emitters of carbon dioxide from energy production, according to an analysis by the British non-profit climate and energy organization Ember, which took into account the countries’ population compared to its research.

Australia is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases

Australia ranks first in the infamous ranking, with annual per capita emissions five times the global average And 40 percent higher than any other major coal user. 60 percent of the energy produced in the antagonists is of carbon origin.

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The study covered the period from the signing of the 2015 Paris Agreement to the present and showed that Australia emits 5.34 tons of carbon dioxide per capita per year, ahead of South Korea (3.81 tons), South Africa (3.19 tons) and the United States. (3, 08 tons) and China – the world’s largest exporter (2.71 tons).

Experts from Ember, citing the International Energy Agency (IEA) post, Emphasizing the need to stop the production of energy from coal by OECD countries by 2030, If the world’s most economically advanced countries are to play a role in trying to keep global warming 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – that is the goal of the Paris Agreement. The Australian government of Scott Morrison has refused to commit to abandoning coal in less than 9 years.


“Australia, a rich country, is still in fossil fuel mode, not in crisis mode.” – This is how Mary Robinson, the former Irish Prime Minister and head of The Elders, commented in Sky News on the position of the authorities in Canberra.