Democrat Eric Adams was sworn in Saturday as New York’s 110th mayor at a ceremony in Times Square. He announced that he would cut decades off from non-functional city administration.

Adams is New York City’s second black mayor after David Denkins, who died in 2020. His campaign slogan was “Focus Don’t Be Distracted and Work.” “New York is back,” he declared after taking the oath.

“It’s great when New York shows the whole country how we’re going back. (…) We’ve shown the whole world what we’ve made. We’re amazing. It’s an incredible city. (..) .) Even in the midst of Covid, in the midst of everything we’re going through, it’s A country where there is always hope and opportunity,” the Daily News reported earlier in Adams.

As the newspaper reports, the new mayor who was a captain for the New York City Police Department (NYPD), a state senator and the president of Brooklyn has presented a set of ambitious and sometimes controversial policy proposals. The newspaper sees this as restoring the NYPD’s crime-fighting unit, cutting the Department of Education’s budget, and eliminating what it has repeatedly described as a worsening “dysfunctionality” within City Council.

“Ideological opponents are willing to fight at least some elements of his agenda — especially when it comes to law enforcement. Some of those efforts began two weeks ago when more than 25 city council members urged him to reconsider his plan to re-establish (in a New York prison) chapter Criminal — known as solitary confinement — on Rikers Island,” the paper stressed, adding that in response Adams replied, “I will ignore them. (…) Whether you like it or not, I am the mayor.”

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A New York City newspaper featured Adams as a workaholic who announced that he would bring a mattress to City Hall so he could work longer. He announced several appointments Friday, including Ann Williams Isom as deputy mayor for health and social services, Manny Castro as immigration commissioner, and Kevin Kim as small business services commissioner.

Andrei Dobroolsky from New York