Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reported that the explosion occurred around 2.50 pm in the Lidl GmbH & Co. administrative building. Three employees were injured, Hellbrunner Stemi discovered. One of them was more seriously injured. They were all taken to hospital.

The area is now tightly fenced. Police, several rescue workers and a rescue helicopter were present at the scene. The building was evacuated. More than 100 people worked on the building.

Until now, he did not comment to indicate the events.

The police have no information yet that the company has been previously blackmailed. Lidl stores belong to the German Schwarz group, which also controls the Kaufland chain of stores. The group is the largest trading company in Europe. The owner of the group – Dieter Schwartz is one of the richest Germans.

On Tuesday, an unsafe shipment was also responsible for an explosion in the pickup division of the beverage manufacturer in Ipelheim (a town about 70 km west of Neckarsulm). It is not yet known if there is a relationship between the two events.