– I am angry about some decisions that were made last year. Schulze told BBC Radio 4 today: I think there is an opportunity to order more vaccines, and from today’s perspective, it’s pretty clear that it would be the right decision.

Schulz did not want to determine personally responsible for this situation, and when he was asked about the criticism that he would address the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, he replied: – I think it is necessary for everyone to draw conclusions, and this also applies to Europe. I think the European Union is strong and able to do what is necessary.

“Lessons must be learned from this situation.”

The German deputy chancellor emphasized that he did not criticize the idea of ​​joint purchase of vaccines by the European Union, but it was necessary to verify whether those responsible for the procurement had done everything in their power. In his view, the conclusion should be drawn from this situation that the European Union needs strong institutions that can make important decisions quickly.

Germany-led Ursula von der Leyen KE has been widely criticized for insufficient safeguards in contracts with vaccine suppliers and slow vaccination.. In the European Union, at least one dose of the vaccine has so far received just over 3.5%. The population, while in Great Britain, which in 2020 gave up the possibility to enter the European Union vaccine purchase system and ordered it separately, is nearly 17 percent. Population.

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