DrGerman conspiracy theorist Oliver Ganesh is said to have been arrested in the Philippines. According to information received from the German News Agency, he was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning, German time, and is scheduled to be transferred to Germany. There was also talk of an “arrest” on Janich’s Telegram, one of the most popular German-language distribution channels for conspiracy stories.

The Munich I Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that criminal proceedings were underway against Ganesh. Spokeswoman Julian Grotz said he was said to have insulted people via Telegram, called for executions and demanded that members of the German government be killed. She is being investigated for insult and public incitement to commit crimes. “We are currently unable to provide any additional information for reasons related to investigative methods,” the attorney general explained. Ganesh lived in the Philippines for a long time, the last stay in Bavaria was in Germany.

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A spokesman for the Federal Criminal Police Office declined to comment on the case. “We generally do not provide any information about personal data,” he noted.

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