The debate in the Bundestag on Wednesday was largely devoted to energy issues, particularly in light of the possibility of Russia cutting off gas. Chancellor Olaf Scholz reacted sharply to the demands of the AfD and the left, who demanded the temporary inauguration of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was closed as a result of sanctions, and called the AfD “the Russian side”.

Let us not expect the awakening of consciences. Macron and Schulz still believe in “dialogue” with Russia

The enormity of Russian crimes in Ukraine, which Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Schultz can see with their own eyes, will not make them refuse this policy …

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– It was claimed that the Alternative for Germany is not only a right-wing populist party, but also a Russian party – commented Schulz in the statement of MP Stephen Kotter. The AfD politician had previously considered sanctions against Russia “useless” and called for the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany. Representatives of Die Linke (left) were also persuaded to take a similar move.

During Wednesday’s debate in the Bundestag, Schulz will also emphasize that Germany is still preparing to part with Russian oil and gas by building the necessary infrastructure. – He said that Germany’s real energy security is in the interest of all citizens.

Russia recently announced that it will begin “maintenance work” on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on July 11, which many observers see as an excuse to turn off the tap completely: using gas for Germany.

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LNG LNG, transported to Europe by tankers, mainly from the United States or Qatar, is considered an alternative to Russian natural gas. Unlike other European Union countries, Germany does not yet have a terminal that would allow the reception of LNG. The first such station is currently under construction in Wilhelmshaven and will be ready for use by the end of December. The Federal Ministry of Economy has reported that another building may be built in Brunsbettel (Schleswig-Holstein) in early 2023. Due to the precarious situation, the Government and Parliament expect busy weeks, despite the summer holidays. – That’s why I advise my groupmates to have them on hand. None of us knows whether Putin will turn off the gas tap completely or not, said Katja Mast, head of the Parliamentary Club of the Social Democratic Party, announcing the possibility of convening a special session on gas shortages.

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