The Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, threatened the United States to take back Alaska, which he called “the ancestral land of Russia.” Thus, he indicated plans to confiscate Russian real estate that It will be used for the reconstruction of Ukraine after, after Russian invasion. It’s the same politician who He argued that Radosław Sikorski should be examined by a psychiatrist.

The President of the Duma threatens and mocks the United States Biden

Decency is not a weakness, we always have something in response. Let us always remember that there is a part of the territory there: Alaska. When they begin to try to get rid of our resources abroad, before doing so, (let them) think that we also have something to give back,” said Vyacheslav Volodin. After these words, there was applause in the room.

Volodin then stated that Russia “does not interfere in the internal affairs” of the United States, even though it has been accused of doing so for decades. At this point, he also noted that Russia is accused of meddling in the election of presidents. They do not respect the choice of their citizens. Well what can I say? One was not good for them, and the other fell off the bike. Well, we are again, sneered, referring to Joe Biden falls on his bike.


Another United Russia politician, Nikolai Kharitonov, also pleaded to “watch Alaska” with State Duma deputy speaker, Irina Yarova, during his business trips to his Russian Far Eastern constituency.

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US purchase of Alaska

Alaska was sold to the United States by Czar Alexander II. The United States purchased a land area of ​​about 1.518 million square kilometers for $7.2 million (equivalent to $125 million today). A treaty to this effect was signed in 1867.

The Russians, who had colonized Alaska for several decades, believed at that time that the peninsula was worthless. The number of permanent Russian settlers in Alaska did not exceed 400. Years later, it turned out that Alaska had deposits of natural gas, oil, gold, platinum and uranium.

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