Gazprom announces the suspension

Nord Stream 1 will be undergoing maintenance for three days starting August 31

Nord Stream 1 pipeline will be serviced again. So, Gazprom announced the suspension of gas supplies from August 31 to September 2. Then, 20 percent of the maximum daily production must flow through the line again.

Russia has announced that it will suspend gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in the Baltic Sea for three days at the end of August. State-owned Gazprom has announced that gas will not flow to Germany from August 31 to September 2 due to maintenance work. After that, 33 million cubic meters of natural gas must be delivered per day. This corresponds to 20 percent of the maximum daily production to which Russia reduced deliveries a few weeks ago.

Gazprom said that the only operating turbine at the Portovaya compressor station should be checked and repaired within three days. This should be done in cooperation with specialists from Siemens Energy.

Gazprom has long shut down the flow of gas to 33 million cubic meters due to allegedly necessary repairs. In order to restore the turbines that had been repaired in Canada, Germany asked the government in Ottawa for an exemption from the sanctions imposed on Moscow. But when the unit returned to Germany, Gazprom showed no rush to install it. Gazprom reported missing papers. So the federal government accused Moscow of just pretending it had technical problems.

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Because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, Germany is trying to reduce its dependence on Russian natural gas. Other suppliers are being sought to fill the storage tanks for the heating season. The Nord Stream 1 twin pipeline has been transporting gas under the Baltic Sea to Germany since 2011.