Our countries and our world are at a turning point in history. Technologies have made the world shrink, but it’s also more connected. Managing global energy needs, dealing with the climate crisis, preventing the spread of disease — the choices we make now, I believe, he said, will determine the direction of the world in the coming decades. Joe Biden. He stressed that “these challenges are difficult for all of us, even with the shared resources of the Group of Seven, but developing countries sometimes do not even have the basic infrastructure to navigate the global turbulent waters.”

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What kind of proposals will Joe Biden make to the NATO summit in Madrid?

Joe Biden on Partnership for Global Infrastructure. The United States to mobilize $200 billion

President of the United States It is reported that a year ago, G7 leaders committed to “intensify efforts” to develop infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries.

Today we officially launched the Partnership for Global Infrastructure. “I am proud to announce that the United States will mobilize $200 billion from the public and private sectors over the next five years for this partnership,” he said. Biden. – together [jako kraje G7-red] We plan to mobilize 600 billion in G7 funds by 2027. Strategic investments will allow the development of critical elements for global stability. Health, health safety, gender equality, digitalization – Biden enumerated.

The United States alone intends to spend $200 billion over five years on infrastructure in developing countries, according to a statement on the White House website. money They come from federal funds and proceeds from private sector investments.

White House contacts identified four pillars of the G7 initiative: tackling the climate crisis; Develop, expand and secure information and communication technology. promoting gender equality; health care development.

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US media reports that Biden’s proposed financial support package is intended to be a response to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative announced by Xi Jinping in 2013. It assumes huge investments in infrastructure development in more than 100 countries and the expansion of political influence in the world.

G7 summit

in Sunday The G7 summit began at Elmau Castle in Bavaria. This year, Germany holds the presidency of the group, and in Bavaria, in addition to the leaders of the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France and Italy, representatives of some African and South American countries attended. The Group of Seven meeting in Bavaria continues until June 28.

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