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iPhone: Clara Vega Pinto

No more mild temperatures – from now on it will be much colder in northern Hesse. The latest weather forecast is also based on snow.

Kassel / North Hesse – with light moist It’s over for now – it’s going to be much colder in northern Hesse from now on, according to the latest weather forecast. Just in time for the Advent season, temperatures drop and can drop too the snow Be trusted. Will it snow at Christmas?

The weather is constantly tilting towards winter. On current weather trends, daily values ​​are usually 5 degrees lower from Friday (December 2) at the latest, according to qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung for wetter.net. On Friday afternoon, there will also be light snowfall from the southeast, extending into the center of the country and to the east. But be warned: Saturday nights can be slippery in places, especially at altitudes of 200-300 metres.

Weather conditions in northern Hesse: It’s cold – snow is also possible

“In general, it is wet and cold weather at lower altitudes. Daily values ​​usually stay around 0 to 5 degrees,” the weather expert continues. From 300 to 400 meters, even light permafrost is sometimes found.

Beginning of winter in northern Hesse: it may snow at the weekend. (image icon). © Michael Reichel/dpa

Another interesting weather development: The December forecast for 2022 has been revised downward, so the month isn’t too warm, but it’s pretty average. Could that also mean a white Christmas?

Low temperatures at the weekend: this is the forecast for northern Hesse

Weather in Germany: November was very dry and very warm

November’s temperatures weren’t really average: it ended up 2.4 degrees warmer than the climate average for the years 1961 to 1990. It was also a month that was obviously very dry. “The drying condition of the deep soil layers cannot relax as a result,” says the meteorologist.

December can start at least with normal temperatures. “Cold air masses remain very close to Germany and continue to seep into us. Winters are getting worse at higher altitudes and the roads are slippery,” warns expert Dominique Jung.

Snow on the weekend: The heaters have to work a little harder

With this new early winter weather mode, the days of energy saving are finally over. Young explains that most heaters have to work harder to keep up with the cooler temperatures.

The second weekend in Advent is supposed to be slightly cooler than the first weekend in Advent, with some sleet or snowfall in places.

Is there a white Christmas in Germany? a A weather expert now explains the opportunities this year. (Clara Pinto)