panorama Freezing rain warning

Saxony struggles with snow – the bitter cold of Baden-Württemberg

“There is a risk of very slippery weather due to freezing rain”

Cold air from northern and eastern Europe spread over Germany. In many places it is still permafrost. At the end of the week, freezing rain threatens very slippery weather, explains weather officer Myra Roth.

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At the beginning of the week it is cold in Germany. In Saxony, several trucks blocked the roads after a prolonged snowfall. In Bavaria in particular, there have been accidents caused by icing, some with serious injuries, in Allgäu the thermometer dropped to minus 19 degrees.

sSnow and ice on Monday morning Saxony Traffic brought to a standstill. The police traffic warning service warned of wintry conditions across the free state. According to the police, there were particular problems in eastern Saxony. For example, several truck accidents were reported on Autobahn 4. The result was traffic jams and slowness. “It doesn’t go any further,” a spokeswoman for the Morning Traffic Alert Service said.

Three trucks were parked between the triangles Nossen and Siebenleben. A truck slid into a ditch near Salzenforst, and the road to Dresden was closed for rescue work. Several accidents have also been reported on the A4 in the west near Hohenstein-Ernstthal. There were also problems on country roads. On the B98 between Steinigtwolmsdorf and Wehrsdorf (Bautzen district) a truck crossed, on the B101 in the Meissen district there were several trucks between Görna and Löthain.

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Because of the snowfall, the winter services were running continuously down to the lowlands. Capital Dresden It stated that all available forces and vehicles have been activated. In the night alone twelve centimeters of snow fell in Dresden, and since then the snow has continued. The forces will initially focus on the main roads. in Leipzig According to the city, the winter service has been running since Sunday evening.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the weather will remain cold across Germany for the next few days. In some locations, minus two-digit degrees can be reached by Thursday – for example in Saxony at high altitudes, but also in Baden-Wurttemberg. Here, DWD warns of temperatures dropping to -17°C in the southern Black Forest, in the Alps and in parts of Upper Swabia.

Winter weather in Hesse

Winter scene: Snow falls on the tops of trees in Taunus

Source: dpa / Boris Roessler

Slippery weather locally due to sleet, wet sleet, or snow and fog can be expected on Monday. A spokesperson for the Department of Social Development said that during the week, temperatures should rise above zero during the day only on Wednesday.

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It was already freezing in the southwest on Monday night: according to the spokesperson, minus 19 degrees was measured in Leutkirch im Allgäu (Ravensburg district). In Meßstetten (Zollernalbkreis) it was minus 17 degrees, in Geisingen (Tuttlingen district), Pfullendorf (Sigmaringen district) and Villingen-Schwenningen temperatures dropped to minus 16 degrees.

Ten kilometers of traffic jams in NRW

in North Rhine-Westphalia I reported DWD frosts with minus one to minus five, in the mountains down to minus eight degrees. Locally it was slippery due to the wet freeze or light snowfall. WDR reported 119 kilometers of traffic jams nationwide as of 7:59 a.m. during rush hour. Motorists had to wait especially long in a ten-kilometer traffic jam on the A2 motorway near Dortmund in the direction of Oberhausen.

Slippery winter roads also drove Bayern to severe accidents with occasional injuries. As the police spokesman said, five slippery accidents with some seriously injured occurred mainly in Swabia, Upper Bavaria, and Upper Franconia.

The Meteorological Service warns of freezing rain

“It’s cold. It’s going to be cold for a while,” said DWD meteorologist Felix Dietzsch on Sunday. “Arctic cold air has flown into Germany with a north-northeast flow and will stay with us next week.”

Meteorologists are looking forward to Wednesday with excitement. ice rain can then Some areas Meeting. Dietzsch explained that there was widespread precipitation in the southern half of Germany with only marginal decreases. According to this, precipitation on the northern side of the formed air mass boundary usually falls in the form of snow, according to the situation on Sunday, mainly between the Danube and Thuringia or Saxony. South of it, precipitation turns into rain. That could cause bigger problems in the form of freezing rain with the frosty date.”

Even windy conditions due to black ice, especially from Algeo to me Southern Upper Bavaria It cannot be ruled out, Dietzsch reported. However, it is still too early for more accurate information.

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