French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the French government is preparing for a scenario in which Russia completely cuts off gas supplies to the country. According to the authorities, this is the most likely scenario.

France is not as dependent on gas from Russia as Germany or Austria, but it still imports about 17 percent. Your demand for raw materials. Gazprom has already turned off the gas tap in some countries and shortened its transmission to others.

However, Paris points out that the current situation is difficult. Some nuclear power plants – France’s main source of energy – are closed for renovation.

I think the complete disruption of Russian gas supplies is so real possibility We must prepare for this scenario said Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. Reuters quoted his statement.

Ignoring such a scenario would be completely irresponsible – confirmed.

Le Maire also suggested replacing household gas and electricity tariffs with a different programme. Currently, the solution costs billions of euros, and Public finances have reached a critical point.. Without tariffs, he said, the French would pay 30 percent. More electricity and 50 percent. More gas.

Will we be able to keep heating our swimming pools? (…]We won’t be able to keep heating up and move around as if nothing had happened He said.

According to the minister, the “first line of defense” in the event of a cut will be Reducing energy consumption by households and businesses, then building new infrastructure, such as a floating LNG plant.

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The French government also acknowledges that some companies will have to cut production in order to save energy.

Russia completely stopped gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark, as they refused to pay for gas in rubles. Recently, he also limited the transmission, among other things to Germany, explaining the necessity of maintaining gas pipelines.

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