The White House has revealed that Tesla plans to open Superchargers in the United States to owners of other brands’ vehicles. This is expected to happen by the end of 2022. However, on the American continent, it is not as simple as it might seem, because Tesla’s driving throughout the United States uses its own charging port.

A supercharger for a non-Tesla? Replacement of cables or entire devices is required

Tesla that operates across America has its own charging sockets, while the CCS1 has become the standard on the continent, a Type 1 socket with thick CCS sockets sometimes called a Combo 1 (photo below). Almost all other electric car models use, not counting the plug-in hybrid (Type 1 only), Leaf (Chademo) and Aptery, which are equipped with a Tesla jack.

CCS1 socket in Chevrolet Bolt

Just having a supercharger for cars from other brands would do nothing if Tesla didn’t update its US network. He must either provide adapters for the drivers, use double wires with the Tesla and CCS1 terminals, or eventually replace the entire supercharger. Looks like the latter will come to this because in A note from the White House There is information about Tesla’s desire to increase the efficiency of the huge plant in Buffalo (New York, USA).

Photovoltaics, inverters and superchargers are manufactured in Buffalo. The note in the note talks about “manufacturing new equipment”.

Here comes another leak of it ResultsThe new V4 Superchargers will look different from their predecessors. They are meant to be long and narrow blocks, while the existing ones are fewer but rather wide. Superchargers v2 and v3 have an oval cross section, with the fourth generation the final shape of the body is unknown, since its dimensions have only been achieved so far. It cannot be excluded that the Superchargers v4 will be the first generation of devices that will serve cars of other brands in the United States.

In Europe, it was easier, this compatibility already appeared with Superchargers v2 and v3, when the European Union recognized as the official standard for chargers, first type first, then CCS2. Tesla Model 3 was first equipped with a CCS2 socket, and Tesla (as an operator) modernized its network. And now maybe she is Unlocked for cars of other brands. There was one supercharger in Poland that powered a non-Tesla car, and that was the one near Rzeszów. Now only Muska cars will be charged.

Opening photo: Tesla Model Y connected to charging (c) Mikey Likes / Twitter

Update 07/09/2022, hours. 22.00: We have modified the Rzeszów signal. The Supercharger in Nowa Wieś is no longer available for cars of other brands.

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