Game Pass is constantly evolving. Creators flood us with many products. Sometimes we get premiere hits (sometimes even AAA movies), other times the list includes the biggest productions from a few years ago, and still other times we can count on the true classics and the pearls of the old scene. In short – a good thing for everyone. It’s really hard to get bored when you subscribe to a large library of games.

Sometimes we learn about upcoming titles thanks to leaks, and other times members of the Xbox Insider Program get to know them. And in the case of the two games I want to tell you about, the last option has been fulfilled. As it turns out, some people got An invitation to test two classics from the 90s on PC. We are talking about Wolfenstein 3D and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, which were mentioned in the official blog.

And while it doesn’t explicitly state that products can go to Game Pass, it should be remembered that since we’re talking about Bethesda’s business, whose titles are included in the service, it’s likely to be here. Anyway, it was the same last week, When Insiders Can Test earthquake 4. On the other hand, we can’t help but be happy that Microsoft intends to provide us with more and more classics in the form of an add-on – many people will surely be glad to go back in time on the occasion of this option.

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