French President Emmanuel Macron visited the husband of a policewoman who was killed in a knife attack on Saturday. Meanwhile, according to the family of Tunisian perpetrator Jamal Gargashin, the man became depressed.

According to the Elysee Palace, Macron visited a bakery in Touari, near Paris, where the husband of the murdered policewoman works. The President expressed support for the victim’s family. Earlier that day, he spoke to the head of the Rambouillet police station where the dead woman works.

And the crime took place on Friday when 37-year-old Tunisian Jamal Gorshin hit a 49-year-old police station employee with a knife.. Eyewitnesses reported that the perpetrator stabbed the woman and shouted “God is Great”. He was shot by the police after he was stabbed with a knife. The woman who was attacked died at the scene.

According to Agence France-Presse, the killer, who was working as a driver recently in the Paris region, said that he was “neither religious nor particularly religious,” according to the killer’s relatives. He was also supposed to see a psychiatrist for depression. According to one of his relatives, he was an “easy target” for scammers and people who could take advantage of it. According to another, he may have been “brainwashed”.

On Friday, French police arrested three people accompanying the killer, including his 70-year-old father.