365 days“Directed by Barbara Białowomass and Tomasz Mandes, it can get awards for worst film, actor (Michelle Moroni), actress (Anna Maria Cicluca), for directing and screenplay and for worst remake, cut or continuation (sequel). Only in this penultimate category. – The “365 Days” scenario, developed by Thomas Klimala, defeated, among others, “Elegy of the Bedouins”, “Doolittle” and “Fantasy Island”.

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A history of nudity in Polish cinema [Popkultura Extra]

Distribution of Golden Raspberries 2021. “365 days” with one prize

This year, “365 days” on a basis powieci Blanka Lipińska can boast of the highest number of nominations out of all the titles considered. However, the jury decided that the title of the worst film should not be Polish eroticism, but a documentary ‘Absolute proof’Which begs the hypothesis that a Chinese cyberattack is behind the results of the US presidential election in 2020. Innovative “Absolute Evidence”, Mike LindellHe won the worst actor award.

She fell for Worst Actress Kate Hudson For his role in a controversial movie “Music”, Whose creators lead a singer and composer Sia (Awarded for Worst Directing) Unfairly approached autism facts show. She played an autistic girl there Maddy Ziegler, For which she won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress. However, the worst supporting actor was welcomed Rodiego Giulianigo For his infamous ring v “Another movie about Porat”. That’s not the end – Giuliani was also the winner of the award for Worst Screen Duo. It is paired with his stick jacket in this category.

Doolittle With Robert Downey Jr. Received a prize for worst remake or sequel (“365 dni” fought for the award here too, as “Polish Reindeer for” 50 Shades of Gray “). The jury awarded the award for the role. 2020 For being “the worst calendar year in.” Date(A somewhat brave thesis, but let it be).

“365 days”. There is a petition in the UK to remove the video from Netflix

Golden Raspberries are awarded annually by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation. John GB Wilson, American film critic and journalist, came up with the idea for this anti-award movie in 1980. They are often called anti-Oscars – golden raspberries are traditionally distributed the day before the Oscars. The GRAF slag does not end there, because the statues are made of gold-coated plastic, and the golden berries are worth around five dollars (about 19 zlotys).

Barbara Biaof directed 365 days.  Now he is doing a novel in the US about a virgin who works in a BDSM clubThe director of 365 Days is filming an American thriller novel about BDSM