Jan Kochanowski University will, in the academic year 2021/2022, educate more medical students.

During recruitment for this year, which will start in June, Collegium Medicom from Jagiellonian University intends to accept 100 people for full-time study and 75 people for part-time study.

Greater limit

According to Jagiellonian University authorities, this is an increase compared to enrollment in previous years, when the maximum full-time study was 75 people, and 50 part-time. In addition, 50 people will be accepted to study in English.

“We asked the ministry to increase the acceptance threshold. It is definitely a regulatory challenge for us, but we have the potential to accept more people,” the professor said. Stanisław Głuszek, Dean of Jan Kochanowski University.

The increase in the number of medical students is dictated by problems in the health service, which is struggling with a shortage of medical personnel. In addition, the university intends to open a new branch in Piotrków Trybunalski. There are 50 nursing homes awaiting for Phase 1 studies. This course can be started after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Recruitment in June

In the new academic year, approximately 4.5 thousand students will be able to study in all faculties of Jagiellonian University. the students. There are 3,001 places awaiting candidates in Phase I studies, and 1,385 places in Phase II studies. Recruitment will start in June.

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce is the largest state university in the Świętokrzyskie region. The total number of students and doctoral students is currently around 11.5 thousand. The university has eight faculties and two branches: in Piotrków Tryb. And sandomers. It has four powers to confer the degree of qualified physician and 13 to the academic title of physician.

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The development stages of the university were: the Higher College of Teacher Training (1969-1973), the Pedagogical University (1973-2000), the Sowetokrzyska Academy (2000-2008) and the Jan Kochanovsky University of the Humanities (2008-2011). Since 2011 the university has been a classic university.

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