– at the top For this Last week, the Allies agreed on that Sweden and Finland are invited to join the alliance. At this moment the ambassadors signed the protocols of accession – J.Inst Stoltenberg.

Finland and Sweden They will be powerful and important allies. Our collective forces are being trained (…). We share the same values ​​and face the same challenges in the Baltic region and beyond. The Russian invasion of Ukraine destroyed peace in EuropeThat is why it is so important that we all stand together at this dangerous moment in our history – he added.

The accession protocols of Finland and Sweden were signed by the ambassadors of the NATO countries In the presence of Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto and Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Lind.

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Signing the protocols means that Both countries applying for membership will be able to participate in NATO meetings As observers (no voting rights). The Secretary-General of NATO stressed that, “From now on Sweden and Finland You will enjoy the status of invited countries.”

Stoltenberg He stated that “the last time the certification process took 12 months” and “we think we are talking about months in this case”.

Sweden and Finland are closer to NATO. ‘The door to European democracies is still open’

We highly appreciate the support of all allies in our accession and await completion of the process. Our membership in For this Mold.Ika Haavisto, Head of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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– It’s a pleasure to be at headquarters For this between friends. We have just attended a historic moment. Today is an important step towards a complete cFinland and Sweden membership in NATO (…) Sweden will contribute to building peace and security within the Alliance. Together, we will take care of stability in the region, she said Foreign Secretary Anne Lind.

– Door For this He said that openness to European democracies is willing and willing to take care of our security together Jens Stoltenberg.

Sweden and Finland are closer to NATO. A special law is required

From Sweden and Finland can join NATOIt must be ratified by all Member States. In Poland, the certification process Requires adoption of a special law by ParliamentWhere Approval of the President’s ratification of the NATO Protocol.

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Such a law is passed by a simple majority of votes in the presence of half the statutory number of deputies (according to the normal rule resulting from Article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland). Then the Senate debates the law and the president signs it.

– we hope that The accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO will continue rapidly. As soon as the ambassadors of the member states sign a protocol in this regard, We will submit a bill on ratification to the House of Representatives – said government spokesman Peter Mueller on Monday.

According to unofficial reports Finland and Sweden will become full members of NATO At the end of this year.

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