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Krzysztof Brejza: It’s time to take off your scout uniform and put on your countryman’s uniform

Monday, June 14, leaders of 30 countries NATO It will meet in Brussels for a one-day summit. The main topic of the meeting is a proposal for wide-ranging reforms of the alliance over the next decade. Poland will be represented at the talks by President Andrzej Duda, and the President will also appear in Brussels in person United States of America Atmosphere Biden. However, there will be no chiefs’ meetings. This was announced in an interview with “Republic” Zbigniew Rao.

– Unfortunately, the upcoming American delegation to Europe headed by President Biden is so excited to meet with Vladimir Putin that he did not find time to organize meetings with allies on the eastern side. Therefore, a meeting between President Duda and President Biden is not scheduled, the Secretary of State said.

Shchersky on Duda and Biden meeting: “There is a possibility”

On Monday, the minister in the President’s Chancellery, Krzysztof Czyrsky, said in an interview with radio station Gidinka that “there is a possibility” to meet Duda Biden. It is worth emphasizing that there is no information on the official website of the Polish head of state that such a meeting will take place.

Shchersky also informed that Andrei Duda will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. Politicians have to talk about, among other things international politics, the agenda also includes the topics of the new transatlantic policy, the outcomes of the G7 summit and European security issues.

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The head of the Office of International Policy in the Chancellery of the President added that Andrej Duda will then speak with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Andrzej Duda on Father Redzek’s “Visual Activity”. “Simply above faith”

Biden will meet representatives from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Wednesday Joe Biden Is to meet Vladimir Putin. As reported on the White House website, the US President will speak earlier with representatives of the Baltic countries. It is located around Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Poland is not included in this plan.

The US President said a few days ago, referring to the planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, that his country and its allies take a unified position on the challenges posed by Russia to Europe’s security, including the aggression against Ukraine. Joe Biden emphasized that “there can be no doubt about the determination of the United States to defend democratic values ​​that are inseparable from our interests.” “The Russian president knows that I will not hesitate to respond to any harmful actions on the part of Russia,” he added. As he pointed out, the United States is not looking for conflict, but wants a stable and predictable relationship in which it will be able to “cooperate with Russia on issues such as strategic security and arms control.”

Joe BidenBiden before meeting Putin: He knows I will not hesitate to respond