The head of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacramental System responded to the request of the President of England to clarify how the Vatican would like to implement the Motu principle. keepers of tradition. Archbishop Arthur Roche – described by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan “Fierce Enemy” Traditional Liturgy – Francis’ Discourse develops on a dangerous restriction of the classical Roman liturgy.

Is Tridentine Mass cancelled?

Archbishop Roche uses the arguments of the so-called cancel culture (Culture of Exile or Abolition), in direct contrast to the words of Benedict XVI on the establishment of the so-called Tridentine Mass. The governor says the liturgy was “cancelled” by Pope Paul VI. This is in stark contrast to the fact that Benedict XVI expressed in a letter accompanying the Motu Proprio From the sovereign inks: “As for the use of the 1962 Missal unusual shape The Liturgy of the Liturgy, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this Liturgy has never been legally abolished, and, therefore, has always been permitted in principle. ”

A Vatican official said, in response to primate Vincent Nichols, that keepers of tradition It abolishes all papal acts prior to the Divine Liturgy, including the so-called Agatha Christie Endault. It concerns a special permission to celebrate the traditional Mass in England and Wales, promulgated by Paul VI after the liturgical reform requested by the English Circle of Intellectuals. While the indult content is known to the public and Available, among others on the page Latin Mass Assemblies in England and Wales, Archbishop Roche claims that the document in question is not in the Vatican archives.

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Extinguishing the traditional Divine Liturgy

Misinterpretation of these texts and the promotion of their use [oryginalnych tekstów liturgii rzymskiej – red.]After the limited concessions of previous popes, it was used to encourage the liturgy as opposed to the Conciliar Reformation (which was in fact abolished by Pope Saint Paul VI) and ecclesiastical science not part of ecclesiastical catechism,” writes the head of the church for the liturgy appointed by Francis.

Archbishop Roche also repeats the current Pope’s interpretation, which states that the apostolic rite of the Divine Liturgy is forever Approved by St. Pius V It is to gradually expire and be replaced entirely by the new liturgy. In this way, the clergy, in his opinion, have the task of “pastoral accompaniment” of those associated with the original Catholic liturgy, in order to mature for the “unity” expressed in the abandonment of this liturgy for the sake of the Reformed liturgy.

A liturgical revolution according to the Second Vatican Council?

Another lie that Archbishop Arthur Roche repeats is the claim that the Second Vatican Council recommended a far-reaching reform of the Divine Liturgy. It is also clear that these exceptional concessions should be granted only to those who recognize the validity and legitimacy of the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council and the authority of the Popes. Everything in the new law [Traditionis custodes]Towards the restoration and consolidation of the liturgy according to the decree of the Second Vatican Council.

Dicrete Suborowe Holy Synod It does not mention anything about the abandonment of the Latin or the reform of the liturgy, which would be manifested in the abandonment of its most important parts, such as the ancient Roman law, in favor of the so-called Eucharistic prayers.

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From the Archbishop’s message. Roche also carries the tone of a complete rejection of the liturgical dialogue that characterizes it keepers of tradition And the accompanying message from Pope Francis. A Vatican official asserts that the “exception” applies only to those who fully embrace the doctrinal revolution of Vatican II and the liturgical revolution of Paul VI. “It is my intention to grant authority in response to these requests, as long as it is clear that the terms of the Motu Proprio are met and that the intentions of the Holy Father are fully acceptable,” says Roach.

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