Online gambling has seen a steady rise ever since this sector came into existence in the mid-1990s. However, interest in playing games of chance at UK sites and non GamStop casinos noticed a dramatic rise in 2020, stemming from government-issued stay-at-home recommendations. In a situation where gambling enthusiasts could not visit physical establishments, many turned to the internet to indulge in this pastime, joining hordes of existing digital gamblers.

Nevertheless, due to the spike in online casino users, many raised concerns over a potential upsurge of problem gambling in Britain. That notion caused the country’s gaming regulator, the UKGC, to implement new restrictions that make the internet slot experience less engaging. Such a move inadvertently made many UK players set their sights on gambling sites not on GamStop, or foreign gaming platforms.Read on to discover more about casinos and bingo sites not on GamStop, and the benefits that they have to offer.

What Is GamStop Exactly?

GamStop is a self-exclusion program whose inception got planned in 2017. Yet, it took three years for this system to partner with the UKGC, becoming mandatory for all licensed UK casinos. In essence, it is a network that ties in all gambling sites that have gotten UKGC approval to offer their services to Brits residing in the UK. Once a player decides to activate this self-exclusion option at one UK gambling site, he will face an automatic ban at all platforms within this network. Thus, that player cannot resume betting at any GamStop casino until his chosen self-exclusion period passes.

The UKGC is one of the most renowned gambling regulators in Europe, active since 2007. It has a fierce reputation for looking out for player’s interests, always putting them first. It oversees all wagering in Britain, except for spread betting. In March of 2020, it teamed up with GamStop. From that moment on, all operators that wish to provide betting over the internet in the UK must feature GamStop’s self-exclusion option, which aims to curb gambling addiction for players that have impulse control issues.

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Concerning problem gambling in Britain, the UKGC also recently implemented measures such as wagering restrictions, the removal of auto-play functions, spin timers, and more.

How Trustworthy Gambling Sites Not on GamStop Operate

Casinos not on GamStop are reputable gambling platforms. Most of them have been in business for years, and they have attained permission to offer their services globally from an international overseeing body. Such organizations are Gaming Curacao, Antilephone NV, the MGA, and Junta de Control de Juegos (the Gaming Control Board of Panama). Many of the licensors listed have been active in the sphere for over two decades. They incorporate many of the same measures as the UKGC, though, in all honesty, they are a bit laxer in their implementation.

Still, those that choose to play at gambling sites not on GameStop get to enjoy state-of-the-art SSL encryption, regularly audited games that are 100% fair, and privacy policies in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Are Casinos Not on GamStop Illegal for UK Players?

Technically, per UK law, only UKGC sites can offer gambling services over the internet to Brits. Nonetheless, some casinos not on GameStop still choose to accept UK players regardless of this fact, and UK authorities do not seem to mind. There is no history of authorities prosecuting individual players for taking advantage of the benefits that non GamStop casinos provide.

In any issues originating from non GamStop casinos accepting UK players, the legal liability shall fall on the operator and not the players. It is the responsibility of an entity that offers casino-style entertainment to ensure that it only allows access to its site to players from regions that it can legally accept.

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Given that many people view platform selection as a matter of personal choice, few, if any, have a problem with Brits picking a non GamStop casino over a UK one. Therefore, the chances of any issues arising from UK players using these platforms are minimal.

What to Expect at Non GamStop Casinos for UK Players

Websites not on GamStopwerealmost identical to UK ones before the UKGC implemented its new measures. The only areas where these two categories of gambling sites use to differ were game and payment method selection. Gaming platforms existing outside of the GamStop network house titles that are unavailable on the UK market.They also allow their users to deposit/withdrawal via niche altcoins. That means cryptocurrencies that are not yet as established as popular ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As mentioned above, they allow the use of credit cards, have auto/turbo-play functions, high max bet limits, and a unique set of creative bonuses that many UK players have never come across.

UKGC Platforms vs.Non GamStopCasinos

A player selecting to patronize a non GamStop casino over a UK one is a matter of taste, as both types of platforms have their pros and cons. One is not necessarily better than the other. It is up to everyone to assess every aspect of both and decide which is a better fit for them.

GamStop Platforms

Advantages Drawbacks
–    Players can use GBP.

–    Strict UKGC oversight.

–    Protection of funds.

–    Excellent self-exclusion scheme.

–    Pre-defined independent complaint handling.

–       No auto-play.

–       Low max bet limits.

–       Wait time between slot spins.

Non GamStop Casinos

Advantages Drawbacks
–    Credit cards are an option.

–    Altcoins are a viable payment method.

–    Less strict KYC procedures.

–    RicherVIP programs.

–    Better game selection.

–      GBP is not always an option.

–      Dispute resolution may not be clearly defined.



To Wrap Up

Non GamStop casinos differ slightly from platforms that the UKGC deems fit to offer internet gaming to UK residents. However, no one can propagate that one category of gambling sites is infinitely better than the other. They both have their benefits and disadvantages. Thus, it is up to individual players to weigh these and decide what elements they value most. Those that fear how they would fare in potential disputes should stick to UK casinos. Yet, players that like to enjoy more liberating slot gameplay should test out a non GamStop casino today. They can do so via demo-play to see if high bet limits and turbo-play dramatically enhance their gaming experience. If they do, they can make a deposit and call one of these sites their gaming home for a while.