Lewis Hamilton has signed a barely one-year contract with Mercedes, sparking rumors that he could end his career after this season. The Briton pointed to the speculation and fans should be pleased with his words.

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Lewis Hamilton

Press material / Mercedes / Pictured: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton negotiated a long contract with Mercedes until he signed a one-year contract earlier this year. This sparked many discussions about the future of the current Formula 1 world champion, who turned 36 in January.

Unexpectedly, last Tuesday, Hamilton took part in tests of the 2022 Pirelli tires. The Briton has been known to avoid participating in test sessions. This move may indicate that the Mercedes driver is not considering ending his career.

First, I never volunteered for the test. Perhaps this was the first time this had happened. I immediately regretted it when I woke up in the morning! I said to myself “shit”. Still, the weather was fine, I loved the day behind the wheel, said Hamilton, citing planetf1.com.

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– I plan to be in F1 next year. I want to continue to be in the championship, hence the decision to take part in the tests to help Pirelli get the tires ready – the Mercedes driver added.

As Hamilton emphasized, it is “totally spontaneous and can always change”. “But I love the fight we’re having with Max Verstappen at the moment,” he said.

Before that, Hamilton was one of the biggest critics of Pirelli’s tires in the F1 circuit. Participation in the British test program gives hope that the new tires will do much better. – Every driver wants to do more tires. That’s why it was important to know the starting point, evaluate the possibilities, and see if I can help in some way – explained the Mercedes representative.

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