According to data from the Office of the City Auditor, which cites US postal statistics, the number of requests for change of address in 2020 is 36% increase compared to the previous year.

Especially increased in March 2020. Then New Yorkers deposited nearly 80,000. When it was decided to move. That was a 65% jump from last March.

The New York Times notes that those who “retire” face the consequences. Their decisions are caused, among other things, by criticism of friends. “Covid is a temporary thing, but New York forever. The newspaper stressed that they will regret what they do, noting the folly of making far-reaching decisions on the basis of a temporary situation.

In her view, when the city to leave is New York, the level of discomfort that accompanies it seems particularly high. Friends treat him as if it were a personal insult on the part of the former residents.

“People who have left New York during the coronavirus period have decided that the city is not safe enough, not attractive enough, not good enough, and too expensive. Their friends may take it as an accusation of choosing themselves,” she said. Professor of psychiatry Jill Saltz.

Thinking about the reasons for the withdrawal, the daily comments that some of those who left might still be in New York had it not been for the pandemic. However, others decided it was time to move on and leave, and it was Covid that eventually prevailed.

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“Maybe they wanted more space. Maybe they wanted lower living costs. Now they can work remotely, so why not live somewhere else? But whatever their reasons for leaving, They left some angry friends behind– ‘NYT’ concludes.