The British will vote for one of the ravens that hatched in the Burj Castle. A few weeks ago, we reported the disappearance of one of the birds, which was greeted with concern by the people of the island. Their presence in central London is symbolic.

When the crows disappear from the castle, the UK will collapse – or so the legend goes. However, the British can rest quietly. Two chicks hatched in the tower. C.One has already been named Edgar, while the name of Little Crow will be decided by a vote by the British themselves. It is worth noting that according to legend, there should be at least 7 crows in the castle. If it were less than that, the kingdom would face disaster.

Observers point out that it is not the crows in the Tower Castle, but rather Brexit, the potential independence of Scotland and the looming unification of Ireland are the biggest threats to the kingdom. If the Scots and Irish go their way, the crows will not help the structures of the United Kingdom. Even sympathy with merciful reigning Queen Elizabeth II and her successors will not save the kingdom from disintegration. Nota Benny, in the castle tower, enemies of the Crown in the past, including the wives of King Henry VIII of England, have been beheaded. In this way, the two stories overlap.

The British can choose from five very traditional names: Matilda, Brown, Bronte, Winifred, and Florence. They will vote in a modern way online. This is also how the technology and myth are intertwined with the DNA chain. We would also like to add that, just like ravens, they guard the tower – indirectly and the entire kingdom – they are in turn guarded by so-called beef, or in literal translation, beef eaters. They are the keepers of the castle’s tower dressed in red and navy blue, whose centuries-old history is an integral part of London’s history. Londoners wish the young crows all the best that will join the Flying Brigade in the tower.

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