Portable Vertical Garden – Innovation, Flexibility, Immediate Impact

Modern designs of mobile green walls ensure unlimited arrangement possibilities. Modular structures, available in different shapes and sizes, allow them to be effectively integrated into any interior, even if it is already furnished. Whether it is a small studio apartment, a medium-sized restaurant or a large office space – with the help of a vertical garden, at the expense of a small area, hundreds or even thousands of plants can be introduced. All you have to do is choose your favorite genres.

Installing a mobile vertical garden requires little time and gives an instant and stunning effect. In addition, prefabricated live walls are characterized by low maintenance – you only need to fill the water in the tank once every few days, and a modern automated irrigation system will do all the work. Fears of accidental flowing or drying out of plants disappear. You do not need to be familiar with flower care in order to be able to enjoy a wonderful flood of greenery in your surroundings.

Vertical garden means better air quality

Plants, in addition to producing oxygen, have a valuable ability to absorb various harmful substances. Some species, incl. Ferns, ivy, and herbaceous plants are very useful in purifying the air – they are often used in the composition of living screens, which positively affects the comfort and health of people in their surroundings.

The natural activity of plants increases the level of humidity in the rooms. This is especially important in the heating season and in the summer, when the air is dried out by radiators and the air conditioner irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Thanks to mobile gardening, you can forget about hydration drops!

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The natural environment is the key to well-being

The green color calms and helps to relax and at the same time brings relief to tired eyes. Movable living walls are the perfect way to sneak some soothing plants inside. In addition, vertical gardens have soundproofing properties, which reduces the noise level in the room, making it more comfortable. This is especially important in large spaces where all the noise is multiplied, causing irritation to the people who stay in them.

Maintenance-free green walls made of stable plants

An interesting suggestion among vertical gardens are living screens made of settled plants and reindeer moss. They do not require any additional work – pruning or watering, because they collect the necessary moisture from the air and are as if “frozen in time” – they do not grow while maintaining a certain shape, do not age or wither. Interestingly, settled plants are not attractive to insects, and they are often attracted to potted specimens. They also have anti-allergic and anti-static properties. The mobile moss wall is a good choice for people who are short of time and love gardening, and at the same time love the ornamental plant in their surroundings.

Where will mobile green walls work?

The great versatility of portable gardens makes them ideal for almost any space. It will have a particularly beneficial effect in places such as:

  • Offices and cinemas – green screens eliminate the excess of sound and visual stimuli, allowing you to focus even in such unfavorable conditions as open spaces, moreover, green screens increase creativity and increase the level of satisfaction with the work done, as well as relax tired eyes and reduce stress,
  • Public buildings, hotels, banks – these are places that often perform representative functions – a modernly arranged space in which guests feel comfortable is a bonus from a marketing point of view,
  • Restaurants and cafes – Green screens provide a sense of privacy, improve acoustics, give the impression that you are outside, and as you know – food tastes better outdoors,
  • home space – Mobile green walls make it possible to designate specific zones in rooms that perform different functions – for example, separate the workplace or separate the kitchen part from the living room, as well as attract the eyes of guests with their high decor and make guests fun. family members.
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portable vertical gardens They are not only very original interior design elements, but also an opportunity to improve their microclimate. Creativity and higher concentration, lower stress levels and above all, better luxury are just a few of the many positive effects of this unique living furniture. Portable green walls are a modern way to arrange comfortable, human and environmentally friendly spaces. The professionals from Kreatywna Ziele specialize in mobile vertical garden design. Take a look at the site https://kreatywnazielen.pl/Check out previous projects and see if this park is the solution for you!