The Polish Sculpture Center at Oresco invites you to the new exhibition “Follow the Dragon”, but due to the epidemic, the opening date is not known yet. But all galleries are open and the center is now open to visitors!

Follow the Dragon by Iowa Maria Umegelska is a triptych and a new performing sculpture. It was realized by the artist at the invitation of the Polish Sculpture Center in Oresco.

The author deals with space and the way the art forms interact. It creates a place where people’s performance matters – it gives shape to the space, it changes it depending on their expression, their emotional states, and finally: it serves to initiate a dialogue.

Iowa Maria Śmigielska uses the mythological form of the dragon to talk about understanding time and space, mutual interaction, coupling of forces, and flow of energy.

The inauguration expresses the trembling that appears in a person, and it is an announcement of the changes occurring in him. The artist is inspired by various myths and legends to create a compromise space for reflection. It deals with topics such as equality, justice and the change brought about by the passage of time. The motives and symbols of different cultures are intertwined, as they are an excuse for the emotional journey of the artists and the recipients.

The installation presented consists of neon sculptures, ceramic objects, and art forms used to redefine existing spaces while simultaneously engaging viewers in creating the experience created by the artist.

After the dragon of the same name, the viewer enters the spaces of the Orangery Brandt Palace, the Park and the Orangery Gallery, and at the same time makes a mental journey through time to reach the sources of Chinese culture, as he faces the challenges presented by his book. Own ego.

The three rings and three different spaces that make up the artist’s composition are related to the sound stage composed by Wojtek Blecharz, one of the leading Polish contemporary composers.