The new gastronomic studio in the KK Baczyński school complex in Dąbrowa Tarnowska is almost ready. It will open in early April.

According to staroste Lesław Wieczorek, at the moment, there is only cosmetic work left.

– The works are almost completed, the studio is already equipped, we are very happy with this investment, it was carried out from the own resources of Dąbrowski Poviat, it exceeded 800,000. It will be a very professional studio, 20 jobs. It is meant to be a base for conducting various courses, competitions, and the like.

The new gastronomic studio will be equipped with a technological line for preparing dishes for 5 work stations. 20 students will be able to study for these positions at the same time.

The gastronomic studio will also serve as a test center for young people studying the profession of a small chef in gastronomy, both at the level of the Technical School of Nutrition and Catering Services, as well as a first-class industrial school.

In addition, there are toilets, warehouses for kitchen utensils, a room for teachers. A lecture hall and a hotel studio with a customer reception desk will also be used next to the gastronomic studio.

The facility is scheduled to open on April 6.

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