January 28, 2022, 21:34

Ubisoft what?? A while ago, he started incorporating NFT into his games. The idea was well received. Players simply do not understand the benefits, according to the director of the blockchain initiative.

In December last year, Ubisoft took the first step towards applying NFT for your games. The platform has been opened Ubisoft Quartz, where you can buy non-fungible tokens in the form of in-game skins Ghost Recon: Breaking Point. Players were not happy, and their Pay attention to the show It turned out to be very low.

Nicholas Poire, who at Ubisoft performs the role of, among other things, Director of Blockchain Initiatives, in an interview with the portal discoverer He defended the plan to add NFT to the company’s games despite much public opposition. In it, he said that the players’ bitterness was due to their inability to understand the benefits of this solution.

I think gamers don’t understand what the digital aftermarket might bring them. At the moment, due to the current situation and the opinion of the NFT, they really believe that, firstly, it is destroying the planet and secondly, it is just a tool for speculation. […] The idea is to give players the option to resell their items when they are bored with it or the game. So it really helps them. But they didn’t understand it yet.

It should also be noted that the platform itself is not yet available in Poland. The Ubisoft Quartz beta is available for use in nine countries so far: the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Australia, and Brazil.

Ubisoft Blockchain Manager Says Gamers Don't Understand NFT - Picture #1

Despite the cold acceptance of the plans of the French giant, the company still sticks to its opinion and intends to develop the idea further. This can be confirmed by the official announcement of Ubisoft Quartz, which is set as unlisted, meaning you can only watch it if you have a link to it. You will find it higher.

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