Evacuation at Cologne/Bonn Airport |

Fire in the ice!

Colin – Airport fire alarm!

A fire broke out in a train at the airport train station on Thursday evening. Specifically, ICE 814 was from Frankfurt/Main to Cologne-Messe/Deutz.

According to BILD information, a control cabinet on the last wagon caught fire in the middle of the road. The train driver arrived at the train station in time – passengers can be evacuated by firefighters and the Federal Police. At the time the fire broke out, 80 passengers were still in ICE.

The ICE was badly damaged by the fire

Pictured: Lars Geiger

According to a spokesman for the Cologne fire brigade, an emergency call was received from the Deutsche Bahn around 7pm. “Due to a technical defect, the control cabinet of the last carriage of the ice engine caught fire. The fire then spread to the last compartment of the vehicle. There was a massive development of smoke at the station. The train and the station were already evacuated at the same time.”

As smoke developed in the station, all people in the area were asked via loudspeaker announcements to go to Terminal 2.

Firefighters brought the fire under control at 7:45 p.m. The fire department added, “One person suffocated slightly from smoke inhalation.” “We are currently implementing smoke suction procedures,” he added.

All access roads to the airport are closed. However, flight operations should not be affected for the time being.

Police and firefighters are on site with great forces.

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