EA assets Electronic Arts is the software that enables you to support creative, albeit smaller, development teams. He has done a lot of good for the said company thanks to titles like revealAnd the Sea of ​​Solitude rain Director. Another team might go to EA’s pavilions, this time the Silver Rain games from Great Britain.

The studio was founded in December 2019, and its CEO is Abu Bakr Salim, who is a man who also deals with acting, aside from working in gamedev. Fans of the movie might associate it with the HBO series called Bred by wolvesWhere dad will play, and players will surely know his voice when Salem named Bayek The Origins of the Assassins Creed. Gwiazdor shared his enthusiasm regarding establishing a collaboration with EA (via Venture Pet):

In a very challenging year, we have put together a very creative team ready to work on projects that will bring the international views of its members to life. Together, we will create an exciting world and share our talent for storytelling. [] We couldn’t be happier working with the EA Originals team who are an exceptional partner at the start of this journey. Not only does every member of this team realize our vision to be inspiring and entertaining, but also help usher in a truly exciting new era in video game development.

We don’t yet know the details of any of the titles created in the Silver Rain games, but from the aforementioned data by Salem W. Information Posted on the company’s website, it is clear that we are dealing with ambitious and unusual developers who intend to create valuable narrative and artistic games. We might have to wait a little longer for the details.