Kukiz’15 leader Bowie Cookies said maybe soon we will sign an agreement with the agreement on the implementation of the jointly agreed assumptions. He also added, among other things, to magistrates or permanent local government subsidies.

Covenant spokeswoman Magdalena Sroka said talks with Bowie Cookies and his companions have been going on for several months. “There are many joint programs and ideological points that we can participate in,” – she admitted. “In the near future we will announce the points where we are converging,” – declared Sroka.

Cookies admitted that on Wednesday he saw agreement leader, Jaroslaw Goyn, with whom he spoke, among other things, on the advertising tax for digital giants, including Facebook or Google, and the money they will receive will support cultural workers affected by the pandemic.

“For me, in the entire United Right community, this Republican elegance is closest to me, and it is the same agreement, and maybe at some point we will sign an agreement with the agreement to support each other in implementing jointly agreed demands” – reported Cookies.

He also mentioned, among other things, to introduce the Institution of Magistrates into the Polish legal system, or to change the electoral law to a mixed model, an anti-corruption law or a permanent local government subsidy. “These are things that are also close to Yaroslav Goen,” he said. “We have a relationship with Jaroslaw Gwen in terms of taxation and the protection of the middle class,” he added. “This really gives some space for more talks,” – he noted.

Cookies also spoke with the Chairman of the Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, about support for his various initiatives. The next such meeting – Cookies said – will take place this week and is to support important bills for both parties.

On Monday, the president of the Law and Justice Party, Ryszard Terlicky, confirmed in an interview with reporters in the House that such talks were taking place, but denied that any specific offer was on the table. Asked whether the conversations with cookies were not about giving a signal to Solidarna Polska that “if something can be replaced,” he said, “No, there is no need to replace Solidarna Polska as long as they remain in the alliance.”

Considering it wouldn’t hurt having allies besides Kukiz’15, Terlecki replied: “It’s always nice to have a lot of allies.”