In the first round elections Presidential elections in France on Monday 11 AprilIncumbent President Emmanuel Macron received the most votes. 27.8% of voters voted for him. Marine Le Pen followed closely behind with 23.1 percent of the vote. According to the latest poll conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (Institut Français d’Opinion Publique, or IFOP for short), Emmanuel Macron will win the decisive match on April 24 after Once next one.

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What does it mean for the European Union to win Marine Le Pen in the presidential elections? a. Belka: It will be at the expense of Europe

elections in France. Poll: Emmanuel Macron leads

probe From 11 to 12 April in the French media: “Paris Match”LCI and Radio Sud. The analysis covered more than two thousand respondents. Poll results indicate that Emmanuel Macron, who is running for a second term, would have won the second round of the elections with a slight advantage. He will get 52.5 percent of the vote. Marine Le Pen will collect 47.5 percent of them.

vote. Who will win the second round of elections in France? Macron vs Le Pen

Macron and Le Pen call on voters to mobilize

Emmanuel Macron said his match against Marine Le Pen would be “decisive for the future of Europe”. After the results of the first round of the presidential elections were announced, he offered to cooperate with the non-winning candidates. “I want to reach everyone who wants to work for France. I am ready to come up with something new to unite people of different beliefs and opinions, and work together for our nation in the coming years” – he said Emmanuel Macron.

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Marine Le Pen argued, however, that the choice between her candidacy and Emmanuel Macron would be a “civilizing choice”. “In five years, I will put France back in place in the 21st century – full of promise and opportunity. My project holds great ambitions for the country,” she said. Marine Le Pen.

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