On Friday, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to this year’s budget. Compared to the original budget law, revenue increased by PLN 78 billion, expenditure by PLN 37 billion, and the deficit was reduced by PLN 42 billion. The opposition’s amendments aimed at increasing health care spending were rejected.

236 deputies voted in favor of amending the budget law, 65 deputies opposed and 149 abstained.

Budget adjustment. Simm rejected the opposition’s amendments

The MPs supported one editorial amendment proposed by the PiS, while rejecting the opposition’s amendments, mostly related to increased spending on health protection. KO proposed to increase funds for health by 10 billion PLN at the expense of, among other things: spending on defense and transport, and Poland by 2050 – by 3 billion PLN. The left wing wanted to divert 5.3 billion zlotys from national defense spending to raise wages for medical professionals, and the Polish coalition wanted 3 billion zlotys to begin the deleveraging process in district hospitals.

The KO amendment to support district hospitals in the amount of 1 billion PLN, left to increase educational support for teachers’ salaries by 2 billion PLN, and Poland 2050 – to allocate 16 million PLN to the Ombudsman instead of the Church Fund.

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In amending the budget law for 2021, inflation was supposed to reach 4.3% and increase GDP by 4.9%. Budget expenditures for this year amount to PLN 523.37 billion (originally PLN 486.78 billion), and revenue to PLN 482.98 billion (originally PLN 404.48 billion). The budget deficit in 2021 will amount to PLN 40.38 billion (it was originally assumed to be PLN 82.3 billion).

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The House of Representatives also amended the budget law on Friday. It provides, inter alia, for the creation of an additional incentive fund in state budget units, through which special bonuses can be paid to employees in the budget sphere. Representatives rejected the left’s amendments that raised the rate of increase in public sector employees’ salaries.

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