Who would want to take power in Ukraine after this coup? – From the point of view of the Kremlin, it is important for these people to have great control over the state apparatus, to have sympathizers with them in the armed forces and, as such, support society. If they can prove that they can Paralyze the actions of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s team They ask for it and they get it. Then it will begin, as stated by Mrs. Zakharova, and their goal will be to reap the gains of the Kremlin. It is worth remembering the words of Zbigniew Brzeziński: – says Dr. Rafał Brzeski, security specialist in an interview with the wPolityce.pl portal.

The expert was also asked whether Germany was playing a double game with Poland – on the one hand, they declared their support in the conflict with Belarus, and on the other hand, they were dealing with Russia. Does this mean that Poland will be in the grip of German-Russian? – We’ve been at these ticks for centuries. The difference is only in the degree of tightening or loosening. They’ve tightened more and more since 2015, the United Right’s first electoral victory. Please consider why the full opposition has not shown her show despite the criticism. The answer might be a parody of the golden idea of ​​the classic: “Why do we need a program if we have one in Berlin”. Let’s not kid ourselves, the new government in Berlin doesn’t have anything beneficial to Poland in its plans, says Dr. Brzeski.

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Three seas as an opportunity

The wPolityce.pl interlocutor emphasizes that it is necessary to resist federal attempts by Berlin: There are many indications that the European Union will collapse if it does not get rid of the German spider web that hampers the Brussels bureaucracy. Bureaucratic pressure for a forced federation of Europe, for which the new German government is willing to take responsibility in the future (read: the norm), given that it is the largest country in the European Union, portends more internal conflict than statehood. The joint defense of sovereign nation-states against external threats, such as Russian imperialism or immigration pressures. The natural balancing of federal tendencies under the auspices of Berlin, backed by real and hypothetical fears distributed from Moscow, is the Three Seas Initiative, where Poland is the most powerful country.

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