The Hubble images will not cease to amaze us. This time she found herself in the lens of this iconic device The Running Man Nebula And her alien plane. It is a group of three nebulae: NGC 1973, NGC 1975, and NGC 1977. It is home to a young star named Prepared in 2042.

What is its uniqueness? Well, it was broadcast powerful planeWhich now spanned 2 light years. Hubble Space Telescope Immortalized it in the latest palette. I have to admit it looks amazing. Astronomers believe that in the future, large clouds of gas and dust surrounding the star Parengo 2042 will lead to the formation of the first planets.

The picture has an orange plane. It is a cloud of ionized gas as a result of the interaction of radiation from a nearby star 42 Oriones. Meanwhile, the blue lines are arc shock waves. They arise when gas streams collide with each other. Astronomers explained that the star Parengo 2042, via a jet, It loses about 100 million suns a year.


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