commissioned by European Commission The study shows that Poles are at the forefront of societies that believe in the goodwill of the European Union’s widely understood bureaucracy. Relatively high proportions of respondents who said they trusted EU institutions were recorded in Ireland (74%), Portugal (74%), Denmark (71%), Luxembourg (75%), Finland (71%) and Malta (72%). . percent).

Most importantly, in all these countries the approval of the bodies of society is – sometimes clearly – higher than in the largest countries, the so-called “Old Fifteen”, that is, in Germany (65 percent), Italy (56 percent) or France ( 53 percent).

In the Eurobarometer survey, which in September and October of this year more than 62 thousand for telephone interviews, the division into 194 regions of 27 member states was taken into account. In the case of Poland, the current county formula was applied, but Warsaw and the neighboring municipalities of Mazovia were excluded.

The Persians trust more

It is the capital that turns out to be the second – after Helsinki in Finland – the region of Europe that trusts the most EU institutions (78% of indicators). This advertisement was also repeated by more than 70 percent. The population of the following districts: Pomorsky, Kujawsko-Pomorsky, Warmensko-Mazursky, Opolsky, Lubusky, Zachodnyobomorsky, Wielkopolsky, Lubelsky, Ludzky.

More skeptical views were expressed by respondents from the following provinces: Podkarpackie, Małopolskie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie, Mazowieckie, Śląskie and Dolnośląskie, although the level of confidence in the EU did not fall below 66%.

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