We’ve been reporting about Resident Evil 4 Remake from our readers for a long time. The stand promises to be another ambitious update for Capcom, but so far we’ve been able to read more rumors than confirmed information. Once, a famous insider mentioned this production It will have a wide history, a The developers encountered some problemsSo the main department dealing with the series was involved to save the project. The Japanese still did not disclose the game.

However, the latest news may pique the curiosity of many IP fans, as it comes from DC Douglas – he has loaned voice actor Albert Wesker several times and there are many indications that he has had the opportunity to play the character again.

During the live broadcast, the American had to brag to the fans that he had once again participated in the Japanese project, And as proof, send an artistic idea to a few people. As the situation became more and more generic, The actor has deleted his Twitter account.

So DC douglas not only broke the NDA deal during the live broadcast by admitting that he was Wesker on the ‘Separate Ways’ part of the new #re4remake, but he also sent the concept art to him @[email protected]_official

#REBHFun #wesker #ResidentEvil “

We can’t be sure Douglas posted the artwork, but fans provided photos as evidence.

“Other people have come forward saying that DC also shared their stuff with them. DC knew it was in breach of the non-disclosure agreement and has continued to do so.

The remake became popular again, however, other players pay attention to the annoying behavior of the actor and warn not to contact him:

“Since his non-disclosure agreement (NDA) breach got attention, I wanted to leave that here too. DC offers sexual favors in exchange for conference invitations.”

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