The recent cyber attacks on US institutions, attributed to Russia and China, have become a major topic in the French media. Events in the United States were discussed, among other things, before during a debate staged live for a local TV station.

Since the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States of America, the country has become the target of unprecedented and increasingly frequent cyber attacks. Another novelty is that specialized companies, and even state institutions, do not hesitate to refer to their alleged authors, the experts who were evaluated during the debate.

– Tensions between Washington and the two other superpowers (Russia and China) have reached their climax – Guillaume Tessier, a specialist in economic espionage and cybersecurity, said on French TV France24.

The latest series of cyber attacks was also analyzed in the daily “Le Monde”. In an article there, the French journalist draws attention to Wednesday’s problems in the workings of the websites of Russian institutions, such as the Parliament and the Kremlin. The paper points out that some experts link these events As Washington responds to Russian cyberattacks.

Le Monde notes that the emergence of a “Sino-Russian dual front” is a kind of test aimed at weakening the new US administration in a difficult transition period.

Julian Nocetti, a professor at the Saint-Cyr-Cotecedan Military Academy, said in the journal Even suspicion of revenge is very slippery..

Until now, there was widespread consensus that such incidents are accidents or espionage, which is a routine issue on this topic. However, if we approach it differently, we move into the category of warfare – says the expert quoted by PAP.

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