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Google continues to defend itself against the consequences of the class action, as Chrome browser developers are accused of also collecting data in incognito mode. This is a continuation Case last JuneWhen concerns arose that the aforementioned internet browsing mode is not quite so SpreadAs the name suggests.

As a reminder, this is a class action lawsuit, in which many Americans are claiming a total of $ 5 billion in damages, citing a violation. Federal Wiretapping Act California privacy rights. like he said BloombergIn practice, Google will face the allegations. The court admitted that the plaintiffs were right and asserted that the company had not clearly reported the data collection anonymously either.

This case is interesting because in practice it is about collecting data via tracking scripts on the websites themselves, which Chrome reports on the Incognito startup page. Even if the user data goes to Google, it is not the result of Chrome tracking in this case, but an embedded code in the pages (these are, for example, tools necessary to run Google Analytics) that pass the data in.

However, everything seems to indicate that Google will not just pay the compensation. According to the spokesman’s statement, the company is “deeply suspicious of the allegations” and intends to defend itself further. One of the arguments is the aforementioned message that Google Chrome displays after turning on the incognito mode, which clearly indicates that not all data is protected in this way and some can still access it.

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