China and the United States agreed on the need to take more robust action to combat climate change and announced cooperation in this area, according to a joint statement released Sunday after talks in Shanghai held by US Special Envoy John Kerry with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinhua.

According to the US State Department statement, the two sides agreed to discuss specific measures aimed at reducing the emission of harmful chemical compounds into the atmosphere, including environmental methods of energy storage. This is scheduled to take place before the scheduled date of November of this year. Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

The United States and China will participate in bilateral cooperation as well as cooperation with other countries, To face the climate crisis that must be taken seriously and at the speed that it requires Announce the announcement.

Cooperation to implement the provisions of the 2015 Climate Agreement was announced in Paris. John Kerry was a signatory to it, then Secretary of State in Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration.

The United States will commit to halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

The United States will commit to halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Former Republican President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from this agreement. However, his successor, Joe Biden, rescinded that decision and announced that the United States would return to the agreement.

Kerry is Biden’s first administrative representative to visit China. The visit raised – as emphasized – the hope that the two sides could cooperate in the fight for climate change, despite tensions in many other areas.

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The United States and China, the two largest economies in the world, account for nearly half of the dust and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Xi Jinping criticizes the carbon tax. “Climate should not become a geopolitical issue.”